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What you make - It just looks good

Create crafts that transform into brands, grow business and make lives better.

Handcraftsnepal was established in order to help and support the business activities regarding the hand made crafts and goods. Our main aim is to provide a common platform to home-grown creative people and their craftsmanship to foster and help them in the development thereby providing motivation. Our goal is set a proper co-relation and bonding between the buyers and sellers under this companionship.

We are here to serve both our customers and sellers. We make & sell different kinds of flowers, decorative gift items, knitted clothes and other handcrafted materials.

Creative work refresh your mood and helps you to increase positive thoughts.

We are here to help & promote you. We care, we share --- for the betterment and development

A huge thanks for all the associated movement and action embrase for development work, your support is truly appreciated!


Good to introduce the local talents ...

Motivating home-grown talents & their passion

Art and craft never dies. A simple thing helps you to change...... Handcraftsnepal will always play a positive role to empower and enhance the hidden talents of the local people. We heartily encourage and request to all the interested people to be a part this goal oriented movements for the upliftment of the hidden treasures and creation.

कला र सिपको हामी सधै सम्मान गर्दछौ.

आउनुहोस्...हामी सबै मिलि आफ्नो कला र सि को संबर्दन र प्रबर्दन गरौ.

Anita Khatiwada


Smarika Kharel

Sales & Marketing

Design Completed

Great Performance

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Happy Clients

More enthusiasm

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Enthusiastic towards the company progress. Responsble for the delivery of products.

Dhirendra Sah

Public Relationship

Active & motivated towards the project work. Work after the development of products.

Nishan Rai

Public Relationship

Motivated towards work and duty. Looks after the architecture of products.

Shridhar Bhattarai

Public Relationship

Always feel positive about the carried work. Looks after the management of products.

Bikash Prasain

Public Relationship

Always dedicated towards the work of this company. Presently look after the handicraft products.

Amit Yadav

Public Relationship

Always good to the work assigned. Looks after promotional products.

Dharmen Chaudhary

Public Relationship

Always dedicated towards the work of this project. Presently look after the woodcraft products.

Shruti Pandey

Public Relationship

Awesome Design

Our knitted clothes and garments are well designed and finished.

Readily available products

We make and sell readily prepared reliable homemade products.

Clean & Green motives.

We follow the spirit of clean and green motives in our work.

Reliable Help & Support

Fully available suggestion & 24/7 support.